WATCH & pray: Raise up Godfearing leaders

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1st week
1) Read Psalm 145.
2) Open your mouths and praise God with the “reasons” mentioned in the verses. For example: V3 praise the greatness of God; V4 has referred to the mighty works of God; V8 says of God being not easily angered.
3) Pray for the two groups of people mentioned in VV 14-15: The people who fall (the afflicted) and the depressed.
4) Pray as V18 suggests, that more people would pray sincerely and call on the Lord, He would then be near to us, and our land will be full of God’s presence.
5) Pray as V19 suggests, that we will fear God and believe that God will save us.

2nd week
1) Read Psalm 146.
2) Pray according to VV3-5: ask God to forgive our sins, prevent us from not relying on the Lord, let us ask God to lead us to trust Him fully, never be idolaters or rely on humans.
3) Pray as VV 6-7 suggest, praise God for his creation, faithfulness and compliance.
4) Pray as VV 8-9 suggest, for the protection on weaker ethnic groups in the
nation. List all that you know the names of individuals or groups, to put them one by one before God.

3rd week
1) Read Proverbs 28: 2; 15-16, pray for the forgiveness of sins upon our nation, ask God to forgive the sins of idolatry, sorcery, and injustice in shedding blood, waste of resources, oppression on the poor. . . Ask God to raise up God-fearing leaders, who are sensible, hate ill-gotten gains, win over the temptation of bribes, and eliminate the great disparity between the rich and the poor.
2) Read Proverbs 29: 12; 14. Pray for all leaders and kings, that they can be persuaded, understand that good advices often resent the truth. Pray that they would love the ‘rakyat’ (people), be just and not oppress the poor and weaker groups.
3) Read Proverbs 30: 7-9. Pray for the people, to have the knowledge of God, be contented, loyal to their duties, so that there is social justice, peace and stability.
4) Go to the Internet, listen to “Sejahtera Malaysia”, pray for the country.

4th week
1) Read Ecclesiastes 10: 16-17 and meditate.
2) In accordance with the scriptures, what are the qualities of national leaders? What are the qualities to be avoided.
3) Nominate and pray for the national leaders, bless them to be knowledgeable, mature, and be disciplined in terms of food and drink, avoid extravagant pleasures, and not in excessive pursuit of materialistic pleasures.
4) Read Proverbs 11:11; Proverbs 14:34, knee and raise your hands in prayer for the blessings for the country.

Prepared by Board of Laity, SCAC

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