SOCIALcare: Sibu North District Social Concern Semina

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Social concern ministry is the best way to reach the unbelievers. To help to know better the various measures and programs that the government is helping the disadvantaged groups, the Social Concern Committee of Sibu North District organized a seminar for the relevant representatives from the churches.

The seminar was held on the 1st March at the Zion Methodist Church, Sibu. The speakers of the seminar were Mr. Hii Chang Kee the Resident of Sibu Division and Mr. Soon Kong Tiong, Welfare Officer. Over 50 persons attended the seminar.

made a presentation and explanation upon the government launched “e-Kasih” program.

The “e-Kasih” program was launched by the Prime Minister Department in 2009. Basing upon the needy family’s database system, the relevant government officers will visit those poor and registered families and identify those poor households that need government’s aids and thus alleviate the poor.

Since launching of the “e-Kasih” program, the District Offices and the village heads have been helping the government in registering the needy families and assuring these needy families will receive government assistance.

To register, the monthly income of the head of household should be less than RM1,500 (in town) or RM1,000 (in rural area) and a simple formneeds to be filled out, signed by the Chairman of Village Development Committee and then submit to the Municipal Council or the District Office.

Compiled by April
Translated by KT Chew

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