MISSIONS: Missions Trip to Cambodia

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Hello everyone! I am Stanley Tiong. I am really glad to be able to join this trip. I just want to thank God for his leading and guidance throughout this trip.

Before I went to Cambodia, I thought there was no electricity, no water, no toilet and we would have to take our bath in the river. But everything that I thought they didn’t have was available for us. Their city is just like our city. There are cars everywhere, shops, clinics, shopping malls and so on. Their villages are also just like ours. There are wooden houses in the villages, big rice fields which I did not get to see in Malaysia, domestic animals like cows, chicken, buffalo, duck, etc.

During the second day in Cambodia, I got the chance to join the local church for their worship service. When the service started, I really don’t know what songs they were singing and what were they were talking about as they were speaking in Khmer (their local language). But when the pastor started preaching, I was stunned because the pastor was talking in Mandarin.

During this trip, we served in the village for four days and three nights. The journey to the village took about three hours from the city. The host really took good care of us. During these four days in the village I had the chance to help the children there to wash their hair in order to get rid of lice, teach the children about sin, share the gospel to the villagers and also celebrate Christmas with the villagers.

Looking back on this trip, I was able  to experience God’s hand at work. For example on the first day of the trip, the passport of two of our team members were near expiration. They had to go down to KL city to renew their passport once they reached KL. All of us thought that they were not going to be on time for the flight to Cambodia but miracles happened. They were just in time for the flight. I believe that God was with all of us throughout this trip, helping, guiding and leading us.

The thing that I have learnt through this trip is that we should not lose faith in God. In all difficulties that we face, pray and have faith. Wait for God to answer your prayers. Don’t lose faith in Him. He has the most perfect plan for everything.

by Stanley Tiong
Wesley Methodist Church, Sibu

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