Although schools are closed Education goes on

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Due to Covid 19, our Prime Minister announced Movement Control Order (MCO) on 18 March and Conditional MCO thereafter. All schools were closed until further notice. As teachers, we didn’t know what to do and were worried about the progress of the pupils / students.

The teachers of Tadika Methodist Kanowit thus discussed to have plans to enable students to learn at home. We tried to use all possible innovative means like Facebook live, Zoom and Google Classroom to help students learn at home. These applications are very useful tools for learning at home for students at all levels. However, it was not without hassles. The main reason was that our students are mainly native students living in long houses and they have limited access to internet services. Besides, these applications were also new to many parents and they did not know how to master them.

After many discussions, we reached an agreement to use WhatsApp. The teacher of each class would send WhatsApp videos and learning worksheets to the students. After a week, parents gradually got used to the methods and responded well.

We thank the Lord that we have been able to continue our lessons despite Covid 19 pandemic lockdown. All the teachers are trying their best to impart new knowledge to help students continue to learn at home. I believe, like myself, teachers are doing it willingly as an act of love for our students (1Peter 5:2). Our main concern is that our students are able to continue their studies in this difficult time.

Written by Ivan Kong Shi Li, Tadika Methodist Kanowit
Translated by Christina
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