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WE are a group of youngsters from different parts of Sarawak. At first we called our team “Calon Ke Syurga (CKS)”, which means “the elect of the Heavenly Kingdom”. To be in-line with our future development we have changed the name of this team/ministry to “Projek Daniel (Daniel’s Project)”.

It first started in December, 2017. At that time, some youngsters were on a short-term mission trip to Ulu Julau and were assigned to take charge of the “Youth Camp”. During the “Youth Camp” they found that they liked ministering to the Iban teenagers. On the last night of the camp, the camp leader was moved and asked: “Is it possible that our group could organize another camp elsewhere?” Everyone agreed saying: “I’m ready to serve!” That was how it all started.
It was a miracle that before the Camp Leader proposed it to the Board of Evangelism (BOE), the Director suddenly approached the Camp Leader telling him that he was touched seeing the very good impact on the lives of the youths of Ulu Julau because of the camp. He hoped that the team could organize similar ministries in other places. The Camp Leader was overjoyed and thanked God for touching the hearts of the Director of BOE! So the team began preparing for many more camps to be held in different places.

Romans 10:14 says: “How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them?” And that’s the reason I want to serve the inland indigenous people. I could have sat comfortably in the church listening to the pastor’s preaching week after week but what about the inland indigenous people? The very short time we have together during the short term mission could be their only chance to hear the gospel and the word of God for a long time.

As of May 2020, we have successfully organized 10 camps in Ulu Julau, Kapit, Lubok Antu, Pakan, Sibu Permai, Sibu Jaya, Sibu urban area and other places. We have so far reached 581 youths and children. Today Projek Daniel is one of the ministries under MSIP of BOE. We have an advisor and 15 co-workers from all over Sarawak to prepare and plan each camp.

Projek Daniel’s mission is “To make the gospel soar and to revive the land of hornbills”. To achieve this goal we are looking to nurture more indigenous youth leaders so that they can rise up for the gospel and for their own people. Because of that we are organizing the camps in a progressive manner and not one off. For each place we visited we will return to conduct more in-depth teaching. We have set the following themes in our camps:

1. CKS 1.0 – to teach about Christian faith by conducting classes of interest. Topics are “Adakah anda memikul salib?”, “Siapa Yang Layak Masuk Ke Syurga?” We are hoping to help the indigenous youth to have a clear understanding of the Christian faith.

2. CKS 2.0 – To help the youth to know about themselves and to integrate Christianity into their everyday lives. Topics include “Siapakah Aku?”, “Mendekatilah Tuhan”, “Keluarga Saya Kemuliaan Bagi-Mu” as well as time and money management and etc. To convey our message more effectively, we are integrating a series of related activities.

The camps are successful because we abide by an important principle and that is prayer. We start praying for the camp a few months before the camp. During the camp we organize prayer intercession four times a day. At night we gather to share with each other matters like reviewing the activities and sharing on how we see God working in the camp and matters that we thank God for. Through prayer we see and testify that God is always working in the camp!

If you are from any organization that can reach out to many indigenous youths and would like to organize a camp with us, please email to cks.msip@gmail.com and we will contact you as soon as possible. If you are burdened to serve in the indigenous people’s ministry or want to know about our ministry, please follow our Facebook page “Projek Daniel”. We regularly recruit volunteers according to the needs of each camp. We welcome you to join us!

Written by Andy Tang
Translated by KT Chew
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