MTS Upcoming News & Prayer Items

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1. 2021 Full Time Programme New Students
Total 14 new theology students (Mandarin = 6; BM = 4; Iban = 4).

2. 2021 Intensive Courses offered for Master of Ministry Programme, and
TEE Family & Counseling Ministry Programme

– Pray for the good health of the lecturers. Pray that God will grant them wisdom in their teaching.
– Pray for the students to have good health to study during the intensive course.

3. MTS 2021 Upcoming Events

– Please pray for the speaker, venue, PA system, electricity supply for the events.
– Please pray that the events will run smoothly and more people are able to attend all the events.

4. MTS Financial Situation
The total expenditure of MTS for year 2021, estimated to be about RM1,496,200. Please pray for God’s providence towards “MTS General Fund”. Pray that more brothers and sisters are willing to give and support MTS ministry financially. We welcome brothers and sisters to participate in the work of God. Please specify your offering as “MTS General Fund”.

Our Public Bank Account is 3-1422081-12. (Please fax or email your bank-in slip to +6084-341409 or Thank you.)

You may also participate in Friends of MTS, click here

5. Theological Education Sunday
MTS Lecturers are open to invitations to conduct Theological Education Sundays throughout the year.
Please contact our lecturers for arrangements.
Tel: +6084-321409

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