Blessings during MCO

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// Su Sueh Ing

This period of the Movement Control Order (MCO) is a period of blessings to me and my family. Prior to the MCO, my better half and I had always been very busy with work so that we normally reached home late. We seldom had proper family meals together, or family altar as we were all exhausted from work, and children were busy with homework and tuition classes during the weeknights. Many times I felt like we were helpless and struggling for quality family time, having limited time to bond with each other and with our Almighty God. Those helpless feelings led to a lot of struggles and frustrations within me for quite a long time. With this period of MCO, I still need to work from home but I saved a lot of hectic travel times on the road. I am grateful that I was able to meet deadlines and complete four doctorate assignments within a week without having to worry about waking up early the next day to go to work.

However, this is also a period for me to reflect and remind me of the signs of the end times and whether I am ever ready. I feel like our Almighty God has been slowing me down and awakening me to the things that are important and really matter in His eyes. To me, this is a period of blessings because I have more time now to be with my family, having more regular family altar, more nutritious meals with the help from my better half and more time to build a closer relationship with God together. This is a period of blessings that I am able to participate in online Christianity workshops, prayer meetings and small group gatherings via zoom more regularly. My children are also having a great time enjoying proper meals at home and family bonding time. We know that everything is in His plan and God is still in control. We just need to be still and know that He is God. Amen.

// Lo Tzu Hsiung

The MCO has given me opportunities to spend a lot more time with family members which helps to improve family bonding. In addition, it enables me to have more time to read the Bible and for self-reflection. Besides, I have many nights to spend time with my better half to watch Christian family movies which we had not done for a long time. This MCO also makes me realize that God has already prepared the world digitally for this pandemic, all essential things seem achievable online. My life seems to become abnormally normal after a while. I then start to feel the blessings this MCO has brought. I believe that our God has a purpose for mankind in this pandemic, and it will definitely make us all stronger after we come through it.

// Lau Yeo Koo

What a complete change of life! From uncontrollable and unstoppable daily routine to almost a standstill in everything. Just like a glimpse of the end time, a revelation of God or a warning. There is a life threatening virus outside, yet God provides a sure safe haven at home with the comfort of everything. Thank our gracious God for leading us in this way. This is the only time in modern history that man can restart peacefully in a new norm. Crucially we need to recognize His coming. Instantly the world can be changed, all worldly values become meaningless with the threat of death even eternal loss. We must choose salvation with eternal life available at the home He prepares for us. Praise God, how wonderful, in Him I have assurance of future hope, worry-free rest, restoration, time to think, recoup and restart soon.

// Marcus Yu

Praise the Lord, I am glad to take this opportunity to share during this MCO. Well, I have never spent so much extended time at home, this is really an unforgettable time for me. I am a businessman, in the beginning of the MCO, it was really very difficult for me.

I felt worried and panicked. I was wondering whether this is a test from God? For we are weak, surely we will fail. Slowly, God calmed me down and mentioned in the Bible, “Don’t be afraid.” He will be with us. I noticed that God is taking care of everything. Of course, he never promised us Christians will not suffer. Thank God, he gave me strength and patience, I have peace and joy in me. From now onwards, our lifestyles will change. I prayed to God to take care of my career, my health and my family in peace and joy. I have learnt to let God take control of my life and put me in the proper position to serve him.

// Christina Lim

The MCO was a hard time for me for the first two weeks. Before the MCO, I used to have a cup of coffee at Double Happiness, Green Heights area. I would take away beehoon for my mum every day. Then, I would go and take away food for lunch. I gave tuition in the afternoon and night. My typical day was well spent and l was very contented.

However, with the abrupt implementation of the MCO in March, I was very unsettled and frustrated as my life was basically disrupted. I couldn’t visit my mum and tuition stopped. I could hardly take it. As the days went by for two weeks, I started to video call my son and we prayed together. I also started to exercise in the afternoon and read the Bible at night. I began to adapt to the MCO. During the period of the MCO, I also realized how grateful I was to have a loving husband who went out to buy groceries and cooked every day. Actions speak louder than words .This proverb really describes my husband. I praise God for such a caring and loving husband although he is a quiet person. I began to understand my husband more during MCO.

During the period of the MCO, Sis Adeline and Bro Yeo Koo initiated our Small Group Meeting through zoom. It is an awesome and amazing time to grow in our faith and get connected with our brothers and sisters in Christ. Good job Adeline and Yeo Koo. I am also very encouraged to meet with our new pastor, Rev Lenita. Her presence simply further enhanced our faith in Christ.

Lastly, we praise God in every situation we are in.

Psalms 91:1-2 “He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord, ‘He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.”

// Adeline Tang

My life during first few weeks of MCO was a big mess. I was under tremendous stress from coping with work from home, parenting my two boys, house chores (esp cooking three meals/day). After a few weeks, I have started to learn to cope with it and experience God’s abundant providence in the mist of the pandemic. We are not lacking anything during the MCO. God takes good care of us, providing us with plenty of food, good health and protecting us from fear of the virus.

I was also grateful to God for the session on “A Little God Time for Mothers” that I attended. The sharing from three speakers has refreshed my walk with God especially the sharing on setting right the vertical relationship with God. I have started to reflect on my relationship with God and spend more time with Him. I have also started my first family altar which previously faced strong resistance from my teenage boy. It is amazing to see God’s power at work when I surrender to Him. God is amazing. Lots of impossible things were made possible thru this MCO. Praise the Lord!

// Joshua Tiong

It’s all about God! Sovereignty… Reflecting on all that had happened, what is happening and what is going to happen. It’s all about God! We may diminish the Sovereignty of God through our thought process but God is still sovereign no matter what.

During this MCO, I got time to think about God and wrote some thoughts down.

There may be a bigger storm coming. We do not want to be ill-prepared. Maybe we do not have the resources to prepare like USA now. But, we need to be prepared spiritually. Being close to God, knowing God, abiding in God.

// Phang Chui Lian

From the very beginning, I welcomed the MCO, knowing that it is a necessary measure to control the spread of coronavirus. However, uncertainties about how various things would go brought anxieties and worries, and as more and more people are infected and even died locally and globally, I felt very sad. For a moment, I felt panicked and lost. However, not long after that, the Lord reminded me that I should focus on Him, not coronavirus! He is the great God and is able to keep us in His plan and will despite this pandemic. He is still in control of everything. Hence, I found peace in Him.

During this period, I also experienced the Lord’s faithfulness in many ways, and was blessed to have solitude with Him. Besides, I rejoice to see the gospel reaching further and wider through online services, prayer meetings, etc. Praise the Lord!

Shared by members from Nehemiah’s small group (Faith Methodist Church, Kuching)
25th April 2020