Was Jesus Racist? ( Book Review and Critique – 2)

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Crow, D. Michael.
Was Jesus Racist? – Theological Barriers to Mission
(Kindle Book. ISBN: 978-0-9849773-0-7), 2011. (32 pages)

Summary of main idea
This book shows how Jesus prepares his disciples for mission to the Gentiles. The author explains how Jesus uses his encounter with the Syro-Phoenician woman in Matt.15:21-28 to correct their racist attitude towards Gentiles. This is important, because Jesus himself, in a radical break with the Pharisees, was embarking on a large-scale embrace of the Gentiles into his Kingdom.

Three strengths
First, the book has a catchy title. Second, the author convincingly argues that Jesus’ seemingly racist remarks to the Syro-Phoenician Woman was actually a mimicry of the ugly attitudes of the Jews towards Gentiles, in order to expose just how foul it was and to correct it. Third, the author gave a good explanation on Jesus’ puzzling double-touch healing.

Three weaknesses
It was well written.

“But just as Christ embraced us at the Cross, we too must embrace ‘the cultural other’ to perceive His grace in their lives. Get used to it, guys! This thing is going global!” (Crow 2011: 32)

By Rev. Dr. Philip Ang Keng Yong
Retired pastor
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