LOVE at first sight

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Have you ever had such an experience? When you see something, and you immediately have this thought: “This is what I want, and I will bring it home.” Long time ago, while there were still days of going to a “real” mall to do shopping, sometimes I would see shoes or clothes or something, and have that “it is mine” feeling. It is like “love at first sight”, except I am talking about things, not people.

Not long ago, the Methodist Book room was relocated and opened. Since I worked nearby then, I went to look around. I fumbled casually through some discount books in the special offer cart. Suddenly in front of me was this book: Die Losungen (Moravian Daily texts-A devotional guide for everyday). It is a 2014 Chinese version translated from German. This book “Die Losungen” has never stopped being published since 1731. It has passed on its spiritual blessings for almost 290 years, traveling through time and space and many generations, to this very moment and place. I picked up this book, and that feeling “You are mine, I will bring you home” reappeared.

Professor Ling Zhi Ping wrote in the book’s preface: “It is never easy for such a simple devotional book to traverse history, overcome countless difficulties, and be published continuously for nearly three hundred years. Is this not a miracle? Please open this Chinese version of the 283rd edition of “Moravian Daily Texts”, and let the miracle unfold in you and me.” (Page 8)

Every year, I try to secure a different bible reading plan and devotional materials, in which I hope to experience afresh and gain new inspiration from the authors or the materials. Now that we do not have to look for paper books, there are many e-books on the Internet. On top of that, there are also many options for reading plans on mobile apps. Last year I completed “My Utmost for His Highest” by Oswald Chambers. This year God put “Die Losungen” in my hands, how could I not rejoice?

No matter how 2021 turns out, let us rest assured, the God who rules over everything never stops talking. But the question is: do we spend time listening to Him every day? Let us be encouraged to move on, to read the Word of God with great passion and love for Him.

Winnie Chan, Local Preacher of Wesley Methodist Church, Sibu
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